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Tour start From Chennai

When to Go
September to May

Ideal length
20 – 25 days

Southern India tour package

The four southern states are: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala called “Indian paradise”. The former kingdom located in valleys cut off from the world, saved the own distinctive culture against foreign influence and preserved the relics of a civilization as old as the world, and mild as the first drops of monsoon . A colorful gopuram tempt the already-forgotten archaic content of the myth. Women from the south do not have to hide their sensuality and pretty good cherish the ancient matriarchal culture. The sunsets over the ruins of Hampi harmoniously placed in unreal picturesque rock formations and giant boulders shade of coconut palms on the quiet waters (“back waters “), Kerala and Goa beaches, the smell of eucalyptus and nutmeg, pepper rhizomes restless and lush green fields of tea, omnipresent flavor of coconut and coffee, help finally understand why Vaso da Gama was looking for a route to India.

DAY BY DAY Itinerary

Day 01 : Chennai – Mahaballipuram

Arrival in Chennai (formerly Madras), the exchange of money. Walking Madras – old colonial port with Fort St. George and museum with its unique souvenir after the East India Company and the British era Raju. Walk the coastal boulevard Marina Beach to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Thomas, where are preserved the relics of the Apostle; Kapaliszwara temple. In the afternoon, drive to Mahaballipuram (60 km) above the Indian Ocean. Overnight in Mahaballipuram.

Day 02 : Mahaballipuram

Early morning drive to Kanchipuram, Golden City (71 km) – one of the seven sacred cities of India: Hindu temple of VII-VIII century dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Parvati – the clearest example of Dravidian architecture. In the afternoon return to Mahaballipuram, walk through the main port of the state Pallawów, a command dynasty in the seventh-eighth century all over Tamil Nadu. Standing on the beach temples of stone for hundreds of years now rely waves of the sea and resisted even the 2004 tsunami, the famous Arjuna’s Penance – bas-relief of solid rock, “Five churches Rath”, Krishna Mandapam. And the memory of the band The Beatles, who in the sixties refuge here from the hustle and bustle of mundane world in search of the truth of his life. Overnight in Mahaballipuram.

Day 03 : Mahaballipuram – Thanjavur

Drive to Thanjavur (Tanjore, 312 km). Along the way, Czidambaram – private temple dedicated to Shiva Natarad?y Brahmins – the god of the cosmic dance. Overnight in Thanjavur.

Day 04 : Thanjavur

After breakfast, visit the temple Brihadiszwara of 1010 years (the list of world cultural heritage), which once crowned the summit of the granite dome with a golden spire; Nayak dynasty rulers palace of the sixteenth century: the remarkable collection of bronzes from the time ?olów dynasty ruling over the entire south India between 907 and 1310. Drive to Madurai (130 km) and Meenakshi temple. Accommodation at the hotel. The evening puja in the temple – the night the Brahmins carry Shiva statue to the temple of his wife, the goddess Parvati. Farewell to the great ancient temples of South India. Overnight in Madurai.

Day 05 : Madurai – Thekkady

Breakfast. Drive to Thekkady (160 km). A visit to the Garden of Spices (Spices Garden) where you can buy aromatic, green cardamom, turmeric and fresh yellow pepper and cloves … Stroll through the charming summer resort. Overnight in Thekkady / Periyar.

Day 06 : Thekkady – Kumarakom

After breakfast, drive through the Cardamom hills to Kumarakom (130 km). On the way back to the plantation tea with eucalyptus trees and bushes pepper, coffee plantations and nutmeg. Around noon embarking on a house boat and sail to the back waters, quiet waters – the biggest attraction of Kerala. Overnight on boat moored at the marina.

Day 07 : For tcochi

Dawn on the quiet waters and fishermen’s working Snooping throwing the network. Breakfast on the boat. Reaching Alleppey and disembarkation of passengers in the chair. 10.00. Transfer to Fortcochi (62 km). Arrival. Visiting the synagogue in the old Jewish quarter, Mattancherry Palace, built by the Portuguese for native Rajah. Back to Fortcochi. In the afternoon visiting old churches Fortcochi, one of the oldest European settlements in India; here in 1524, died Vasco da Gama and here in the church. Francis, the first Catholic Church in India, was buried in the cathedral of Santa-Cruz, three Portuguese streets to cross and a pair of stately colonial homes. Overnight in Fortcochi.

Day 08 : Fort cochi – Ooty

Early morning trip to Ooty (Udhagamandalam, 285 km); in the past – charming, poangielski resort in the Nilgiri mountains in the heart of the tea plantation and in the shadow of powerful eucalyptus trees, which once belonged to the Maharaja Jaipur. The last stretch of the road – narrow-gauge railway ride, or choo-choo (16.30 – 17.30). Overnight in Ooty.

Day 09 : Mysore

Pass trip to Kotagiri and a short walk to Doddabetta (2637 m), the highest peak in Tamil Nadu, where there is a splendid view (only in good weather) on the Eastern and Western Ghats. A trip to Mysore (160 km), along the way passing through the Bandipur National Park, created in 1931 by the Maharaja of Mysore. Hotel accommodation and accommodation in Mysore.

Day 10 : Bangalore

After breakfast we will visit the palace of the rulers of the richest Indian – Amber Vilas from the early twentieth century. Chamundi Hill with the famous bull Nandi, Shiva’s mount. Drive to Bangalore – the city known as the Indian “Silicon Valley”, where confronted with the modern face of the country. Arrival and accommodation. Overnight in Bangalore.

Day 11 : Bangalore

Breakfast. A trip to the ashram Art of Living – an opportunity to learn Ayurveda – natural methods of treatment of several thousand years, and yoga, which is the most famous export of India. “Like a flower has the potential full bloom, so yoga is flourishing of all human capabilities” – says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the international Art of Living Foundation is present in 160 countries around the world. Walking Vishalakshi Mantap, the largest in India, the meditation hall in the shape of the cake, walk to Sumer Mantap. In the evening for those who want the opportunity to participate in the satsang – meeting people from different parts of the world, of different faiths to come together to sing and celebrate life. Back to bed to Bangalore.

Day 12 : Sravanabelagola

Early morning departure to Sravanabelagola, Jainism resort with amazing sculpture Gomate?wary made in monolithic granite rock, which you have to climb up (the stairs carved into the rock). Continue driving to the temples of Halebid and Belur, called Khajuraho south, where exquisitely carved temples Hojsalów dynasty (twelfth century) mind-boggling, because every square centimeter is covered with bas-relief stone god or sage, heraldic bird or fabulous animal, and sensuous dancers bend their bodies as a living stone. Transfer to stay in Hassan.

Day 13 : Hampi

After breakfast drive towards Hampi (250 km) one of the largest, though little known attractions of India inscribed on the UNESCO list. Arrival in Hospet. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 14 : Hampi

Breakfast. Absorption magical aura Hampi, a place which for many is the essence of India. The lunar landscape of granite rocks, the ruins of temples rooted in the jungles, the ubiquitous monkeys. A paradise for photographers. Vital Temple, Hampi business card, walk along the river where we will face carved into the rock on the lingam, reliefs, bump into miniature shrines and mandates. Further penetration around Hampi Bazaar, Virupakasha temple, where for a small fee, you can receive the blessing of the elephant. Back to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 15 : Hampi – Goa

After breakfast drive to Goa (340 km). Arrival. Accommodation at the hotel. Walk to the beach, the possibility of refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean. Overnight in Goa.

Day 16 : Goa

The whole day of rest. The ability to walk, optionally massage or spend time on activities including beach with baths. Full regeneration of vitality. Overnight in Goa.

Day 17 : Goa – Mumbai

After breakfast, drive with your luggage to the Old Goa, the first European colony in India, remains in the hands of Portugal from 1510 until 1961. Visiting churches included on the UNESCO list. Transfer to Panad?i – the capital of Goa. Walk the Portuguese district. For volunteers free time for lunch and shopping. At approx. 14.00 transfer to the airport and flight to Mumbai (Bombay). Arrival and passing through the capital of Maharashtra on the historic train station Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the UNESCO list. Night train ride to Aurangabad (berths). For volunteers the opportunity to trip at an additional cost (reservations when writing).

Day 18 : Aurangabad

Arrival at Aurangabad in the morning. Transfer to the hotel for breakfast. Day trip to Ad?anty (104 km). The greatest treasure of the ancient Indian art of this wall paintings on the walls of 29 caves carved in the rock, the erstwhile Buddhist temples and monasteries. The work undertaken in the second century BC and ended in the fifth century AD, testify to a highly developed and spiritually refined purely Indian culture whose influence reached far beyond the Indian subcontinent and heritage remains alive to this day. British “Burlington Magazine” recognized frescoes Ad?anty as “perhaps the finest works of art in the whole of Asia”. Back for the night to Aurangabad.

Day 19 : Ellora – Mumbai

A trip to Ellora, visiting the temple Kailasanatha, on the UNESCO list, “the most amazing works of Indian art that do not find their counterpart in the entire history of Indian architecture”, a temple carved from top to bottom, like a statue emerging from the mountain slopes of volcanic rock. Back to Aurangabad, and on the way visiting the old fort Daulatabad. Arrival at Aurangabad and visit the tomb of his wife Aurangazeb, shoddy, but nevertheless replica of the Taj Mahal. Transfer to the airport and flight to Mumbai. Accommodation at the hotel. Overnight in Mumbai.

Day 20 : Mumbai

After breakfast – sightseeing in Mumbai Gateway of India (India Gate) and the extraordinary Taj Mahal hotel, stroll through the elegant pedestrian street, the district Malabar Hill and Gandhi Museum. In the afternoon, the volunteers – Elephanta Island (14..30 – 19.00). In the evening – transfer to the international airport.

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